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Restoration Work

Besides our accurate accomplishments, we offer restoration service for your decent engravings as well. Firstly, we take the task of cleaning of oxidized, darkened and stained engravings with special chemicals and then use special techniques to preserve your engravings for long term. Stick with the text of engraving, we are also coloring your engravings upon your request, especially for costume engravings. Our professional service covers a wide range of specific techniques, including instructions on how to execute structural repairs and alterations that, when skillfully done, are virtually undetectable. For that reason, we do not use any kind of reservation materials that can give harm to the paper of engravings.

We offer service of framing your engravings and hangings upon your request with compatible materials.

Faikpasa Yokusu, Fazilet Apartmani, No:43
Cukurcuma- Beyoglu/ Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 251 16 72
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