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Gallery Alfa Antique Store, established in 1989 in the quarter of Cukurcuma, Beyoglu in Istanbul by Marianna Yerasimos and Ali Özdamar, is the first antique store specializing in engravings and antique maps in Turkey.

Beyond selling these most extensive and stunning collections of rare antiques, important fine art and breathtaking Ottoman engravings and antique maps, we are an expert on these works of art, a collector, a counseller of art, a restorer for fine arts, an artisan recolouring these precious engravings and manuscripts. Basically, our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service & expertise that will keep you coming back for more!

Our extensive inventory of antique Ottoman engravings featuring from 1493 to 1906 not only related with Istanbul but also Anatolian cities, desent prints, antique maps, lithograpies, copper engravinsg, steel engravings and engravings called helio engravings of late periods offers you a glimpse of joyfulness of visiting museums of Art or Art exhibitions. We will be very pleased to give you some information consists of the facts, print techniques, composers and painters of these works of art.

We wanted to unitiate the production of lead alloys-( made of lead & tin ) toy soldiers sets - of Ottoman Royal Army, The Jannisarries in 1993 for the first hand in Turkey along with our extensive inventory of works of art. While producing these lead alloys that could be called toys for adults, we studied on soldier figures and catalogues of old army costumes to find out the best figure and costume for each toy soldiers sets that either for the beginning enthusiasts or for the most sophisticated collector.

In addition to our expertise and credibility on works of art, we have held many elegant exhibitions organized between 1990 and 2006 in major cities of Turkey as we have been specializing in antique Ottoman engravings, prints, old maps and toy soldiers sets to a great extant.

Gallery Alfa directed between 1990 and 2006 by Dr. Ayse Yetiskin Kubilay, (art historian) and she owner since June 2006.

The name of some of these decent exhibitions and co-operations organized with a such a wealth of creative expertise can be seen below as..

• The maps and engravings of Turkey, Nisantasi Gallery, February, 1985
• The engravings of Turkey, Nisantasi Gallery BM, December, 1985
• Ankara, Gallery Nev, February, 1986
• Ankara, Turkish-American Assosiation, October, 1986
• Istanbul, Gallery Nev, December, 1986
• Istanbul 1500-1900, Istanbul, Gallery Nev, October, 1988
• Ankara, Turkish-American Assosiation, December, 1988
• The exhibition of old engravings and maps of Istanbul, Pamukbank Nisantasi Art Gallery, December, 1989
• The exhibition of engravings and old maps of Izmir and its surroundings, Izmir Tual Art Gallery, November, 1990
• İstanbul Taşbaskıları 1830-1860 Galeri Alfa Antique Store, 1990
• 15th and 18th century maps of Turkey, Ankara, Gallery Ars, November, 1991
• Izmir ,Gallery Tual, December, 1991
• Ottoman Costumes of 16th and 19th centuries, Ankara, Gallery Ars, 1995
• The exhibition of Ottoman costumes in engravings of 17th and 19th centuries, Alfa Gallery Antique Store, December, 1997
• The exhibition of Anatolian engravings dating from 18th to 19th century, Ankara Baskent University, May, 2005

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