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She was born in Istanbul on 6th of April in 1965.

Graduated from Bakırköy High School at which school she has finished her primary and secondary education.

Educated at Institute of Art, Department of History of Art and Archeology, Faculty of Literacy, Istanbul University in 1982-86.

After her graduation, she has had her Bachelor`s Degree at Institute of Social Sciences, Department of History of Art, Istanbul Technical University in 1986-90.

Compilted her Bachelor`s Degree on "Architectural Elements in Turkish Painting and from Miniature to 1920s" under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Afife Batur.

In between 1990 and 1998, she had her doctorate, for which she also studied under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Afife Batur, with her thesis of "Architecture of Charity Libriries of 18th and 19th centruies in Istanbul".

Started to work at Gallery Alfa (Alpha) Antique Store, owned by Marianna Yerasimos and Ali Özdamar, in the district of Cukurcuma, known as the street of antique shops, as a manager in 1990.

Became the owner of Gallery Alfa Antique Store in 2006 and extended the fields of Gallery Alfa Antique Store with art counselling and expertise for collectioners, original antique maps and engravings featuring Istanbul and Anatolia specifically, Ottoman Empire generally.

Along with the expertise on antique books, publications of art and architecture of Istanbul, she is not only the first initiative in the field of cats in metal military figures of Ottoman Army in Turkey, but also she is also the chief dealer of different types and styles of toy soldiers of Ottoman Army.

Among her expertise fields, "Tulip Era" (Lasting from 1718 to 1730, it was a transitory period in the Ottoman Empire that was marked by cultural innovation and new forms of elite consumption and sociability), Westernazation and socio-cultural innovations in many fields of Ottoman Empire, foreign travellers, painters and Orientalists and their works of art and records in terms of army like military bases and shipyards, culture like library, cannonical buildings, training schools,civil engenering like palaces and pavilions located on either side of Bosphorus and Golden Horn in Istanbul.

She married and got a son (1996). As she got such a creative talent, with the helping of which she is planing to build up a library composed of numerous books, data and audio-visual publications in the field of art, she is still trying to further her immense knowledge about history of art.

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