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• The article about "Urbanization of Çukurcuma", Istanbul, the magazine published by Turkish Economy and Social History Fund, 13th Issue,p.92-93, 1995
• Expertise studies for the artices about art and architecture in bilingual Levant Herald Newspaper, dating back to the end of 19th century, amoung the special collection of Ataturk (the founder of modern Turkey) Library.
• Expertise studies, "A Typological Review About Istanbul Charity Libraries of 18th and 19th Century, 7th Century of Ottoman Architecture-An International Heritage", The Reports of International Congress, published by Yapı Industry Center Issue, p.149-153, Istanbul, 1999.
• Professional reports for the Symposium of Osman Hamdi Bey and His Period 18-19 December 1992, regarding architectural elements in the art of Ottoman painting of second half of 19th century, published by Turkish Economy and Social History Found, p.98-110, Istanbul.
• Expertise for library and archive studies of the book of Beyoğlu 1930, texts of which are written by Ali Özdamar, preface of which is written by Önsöz Demir,1993, Istanbul.
• Professional library study for the book of Ottoman Cuisine Through Centries, written by M. Yerasimos, Istanbul, 2002
• An expertise article of "A Standart Like A Dream : Nahil" in january issue of Skylife, p.26-36, 2002, the magazine of Turkish Airlines, regarding Nahils, Enchanting Bridal Standarts.
• Expertise study for the article of A Glimpse of Westernization Period of 19th Century, Military Bases in Istanbul( A general review), Articles About Architecture and History of Art, Literatür Publications, p.91-102, Istanbul, 2005, in the name of Afife Batur.
• Study of Charity libraries in Eyup, IX. Symposium of Eyupsultan, 17-19 May 2005, Eyup Municipality Publications, Istanbul, 2005
• The study of the project owned by FOM Architecture with bidding procedures of General Directorate of Founds in Turkey, for the restoration of tombs and tombstones in Şehzade Theological Complex, as an art historian for 7 tombs and 316 tombstones.
• Art counselling for the collectors and the beginning enthusiasts

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